This video demonstrates how you can highlight important records based on various conditions (for example – colour all overdue tasks in Red)

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One other feature of the grids, which is quite nice, is the conditional formatting feature. This is similar to the feature Microsoft Excel where you can have formatting in the grid depending on the values of the fields. For example, if you wanted to find somebody with an overdue balance or an outstanding balance, you could highlight them red. You could take something, for example, like a supplier or a customer and highlight it green. Let’s have a little look.

If I go into my layout here, I can turn on conditional formatting. I can pick a field. For example, let’s say assign to equals Peter Parker. What we’ll do is we’ll make those rows red text and bold and click okay and click okay. Now we can see down here anything that’s assigned to Peter is bright red. That’s a really simple example of conditional formatting in our grids. We can use that quite extensively for things like overdue invoices, exceeded account balances, really anything that you want to draw attention to. By default, we have overdue tasks. It’s all configurable. Every element of the system is completely configurable in that regard.

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