Need Help ?  You’re not on your own

While Tall Emu is easy to use, everyone needs a little help sometimes – whether it’s advice, help with specific tasks you’re trying to accomplish or help solving technical problems we are there to help.

Our friendly team is based in Sydney, and we can help with support questions you may have including:

  • Help choosing the best business process using our CRM
  • We’re experienced with many businesses and efficient ways to accomplish tasks
  • Importing your data or generating reports
  • Customisation of your CRM

Without help, you may not get the best out of CRM and lose productivity as people revert to “the old ways” of paper based processes .

Isn’t Support Expensive?

We’ve been working with businesses to improve processes for 20 years and we want to support you and your business.   Depending on what you need, we have two options – Pay As You Go (which is an hourly rate) and Managed Support – you get an allowance of time every month that you can call to get help and assistance when you need it.

We have found that customers who have support agreements get more out of their CRM, their teams are happier and more productive  (no asking the boss “Can I call the CRM guys for help?”) and we want to encourage that, which is why we discount our managed support fees so that you commit to a long-term education of using the CRM and getting the best value out of it.

Managed Support – The smart option

With Managed Support you can actually save money on support if you use it a lot, but the main reason you get Managed Support is getting more out of the system and work smarter.

Think of it like an insurance policy – except you get to claim against your premium every month, and we don’t hike the rates if you have an accident!

What is covered with Managed Support ?

You get a set amount of hours per month (depending on which plan you are on) which can be consumed with any of the following activities:

  • Support and Help
  • Training
  • Customisation
  • Best practice advice
  • Report or Workflow writing
  • Project & Development work

What does it Cost ?

Annual Agreement, pay Quarterly

  • M2Q – $150 per month, includes 2 hours (effective rate $75).  Additional hours $175+GST
  • M4Q – $300 per month, includes 4 hours (effective rate $75).  Additional hours $175+GST*
  • M8Q – $600 per month, includes 8 hours (effective rate $75).  Additional hours billed at $170+GST*
  • M16Q – $1200 per month, includes 16 hours (effective rate $75).  Additional hours billed at $160+GST*

*unlike Ad-hoc rates, companies on MS will be billed by the minute not increments of 30 minutes.

Pay Annually and Save 10%

If you elect to pay your Managed Support annually, you can claim a 10% discount on the managed support fees and a further reduced rates for the Additional hours.

  • M4A – $270 per month, includes 4 hours (effective rate $67.5).   Additional hours billed at $175+GST.
  • M8A – $540 per month, includes 8 hours (effective rate $67.5).   Additional hours billed at $170+GST.
  • M16A – $1,080 per month, includes 16 hours (effective rate $67.5).   Additional hours billed at $160+GST.