Writing Proposals is a tedious task so it makes sense to create a template and change the bits that are relevant to the sales opportunity and customer’s needs. 

Automate Proposal & Quote Creation in MS Word Mail Merge

Writing proposals can be time consuming – take a standard template, add boilerplate text about the product or service you’re selling and then add in the standard disclaimers and pricing.

The Faster you get Proposals & Quotes to a customer to a potential leads the more likely that you’ll get the business / work.

Unfortunately, if the items you are selling are expensive – or you require detailed descriptions to differentiate you from the competition the need for a quality, detailed proposal can’t be avoided. With Tall Emu CRM, we can take this tedious process and speed it up immensely.

  • Define a “rich” product definition which can include descriptions, specifications, images
  • Create categories – and boilerplate descriptive text for your categories in Word.
  • Create proposal templates in Word – a header and footer plus all standard boilerplate texts such as terms and conditions.

Once this is done, to generate proposals in Tall Emu CRM is simple – add the products to a quote,  press the send button and the quotation is built based on the word template, products selected.

The proposal can then be sent from CRM – logged against the client – and of course it is automatically converted to PDF to avoid tampering.

Any fields can be used – so if your CRM has been customised they can all be used in your proposal templates, right down to the salesman’s signature.