Sales Automation with Tall Emu CRM

Sales Force Automation helps you to do more, faster and better but with fewer people. If you want to close more leads with less overheads then running your sales function through and with CRM is the smart choice.

What is Sales Force Automation?

Sales Force Automation is using a CRM software solution to automate the business tasks of the sales department.

  • Pre-sales communication tracked centrally (email, phone & Web-forms)
  • Web-Lead Intel. Know where they came from and what they looked at.
  • Tracking status of a leads & opportunities, through to Sales for Follow-up & Reporting.
  • Automatic assignment of Leads or Tasks.
  • Creation & sending of Brochures, Price-lists, proposal, quotes & invoices.
  • Multiple Price lists (i.e. By region or channel).
  • Order processing & order tracking.
  • Contact management & 360-view of all customer data.
  • Monitoring Stock and Product Inventory.
  • Improved customer experience management.
  • Sales & Pipeline reporting & analysis.
  • Evaluation of Sales individuals and/or team performance.
  • …and much more.

Why is Sale force Automation a great feature of Tall Emu CRM?

The main benefit to a business of having this capabilities is to Automate and systemise the selling process so that the sales people in the business have more time to sell and that the system helps them keep track on the where each prospect is in the Sales process. So the there are two main gains.

One, better optimisation of staff’s time and a higher Sales Conversion Rate as they now have more time and there are better follow-up procedures.

As a business owner or Sales Manager you will now have the ability to see what your sales team is doing and what is in the pipeline.

Benefits of Sale Force Automation

Competitive Advantage

Sales force automation offers companies a competitive advantage by allowing management to track trends in their market. By identifying areas of growth, sales force automation gives the sales team an advantage in terms of getting to new potential customers first and securing a foothold in emerging markets.

Saving Time

Sales force automation can save a great deal of time, the more sale people you have in your team the bigger the saving. The ability to manage client lists, track leads, communicate easily with customers and access new information about products or sales trends gives a sales team tools that might otherwise be too difficult or time-intensive to research and implement manually.

Improved Teamwork

Members of a sales team can use the CRM to communicate and work together more effectively. The CRM provides a means of sharing data remotely, so that team members on the road can communicate with sales staff at the central office while keeping information secure.

Better Training

Sales force automation gives companies a strong training tool for new members of the sales team. The CRM’s sales force automation ensures that new employees will be using the same tools and methods as established members of the team, providing a measure of consistency across the company.


Sales force automation also gives sales managers valuable tools for monitoring the efforts and sales of a sales team and individual members of the team. Sales force automation provides sales metrics that can help to determine what areas an individual seller needs to improve in order to be effective, and also gives managers an objective means of ranking sales team members for determining employee value.