Tall Emu CRM includes a powerful and flexible built-in Report Writer to create any custom report required by the business. The Tall Emu development team use this built-in Report Writer to create the default reports, and this is available for end users.


Tall Emu CRM Report Writer designer


  • Powerful features: Virtually any type of report can be created.
  • No additional license costs: involved with a third-party Report Writer.
  • Integrated: Directly interfaces with the Tall Emu CRM database and menu system.
  • Easy to use: User friendly interface for designing new reports or customising existing reports.
  • Built-in report wizards: Include labels, cross tab, master-detail and chart.
  • Bar Codes: Supports many Bar Code standards.



The Report Writer is extremely powerful and allows such features when previewing the reports as:

  • Drill-down: Click on selected data (or graph) and a new tab with details is created.
  • Sort Order: Clicking header values changes the order of the data.
  • Parameters: Filter the data on user values. These can include drop downs of specific values, date range, check-boxes, numeric values and text.