Kanban  – Manage all of your opportunities, projects and tasks in a simple, single place!

Our Kanban view helps you manage projects, tasks and other activities in an easy visual way.   With our Kanban view you can:

  • See project progress at a glance – keep things on track without stress
  • Visually see your sales pipeline – where is it up to, and who has it ?
  • Drag and drop re-assignments or stage changes make management easy!

Sales Pipelane Kanban Board

The Sales Kanban shows opportunities by stage.  You’re able to easy see the value of each stage of your pipeline, and drag and drop between the stages.

  • Easy and Intuitive – your sales team will want to use it!
  • Works with your custom pipelines – all stages are customisable

If you switch to the “By Salesperson” view – you immediately get a handle on which salesperson has which leads – drag and drop reassignment is possible, and again the value of leads assigned to each salesperson is summed at the top.

Once a lead is won – or lost – you can drag it off the board into the win/loss buckets.  It’s the easiest way to see and manage your leads.

Last of all – each card can be clicked to open which will show you full details of the opportunity, including its timeline.