Tall Emu dashboards has been replaced by our web-based version, which allows you to view data on the go – from any supported web browser.    This includes from mobile devices including Apple, Android and Blackberry devices.

Tall Emu Dashboards is a free add-on for all Tall Emu CRM users with a current subscription/software assurance*.

NET Invoice Dashboard. Click to enlarge image.

NET Invoice Dashboard. Click to enlarge image.

Tall Emu dashboards allows you to see data from right across your business – from the audit trail, through activities, leads, quotes, sales, payments – and if they don’t do what you need we’re able to customise it to your individual business requirements.

Click to Filter, Analyse and Export

The dashboards have many built-in charts.    On many charts you will see that it’s possible to click on an element (e.g. on a year, or type of support ticket or stage of opportunity) which will filter the rest of the elements on your dashboard.  This capability allows you to analyse your data to get to the heart of what you want to learn.

Every dashboard is also exportable to PDF, Image – or the raw data in MS Excel.

Call overview dashboard. Click to enlarge.

Call overview dashboard. Click to enlarge.

Set Targets

Using our easy user interface you can set targets over the business in one place.  We can easily add additional ranges or target filters to suit your requirements.

Dashboard-set targets

Set targets over the business. Click to enlarge image.

Targets can be set on:

  • Overall sales target,
    • Drill in to Salesman
    • Drill in to Account
    • Drill in to Product Category
    • Drill in to Sales Region
    • Drill in to product
  • Call Target
    • Drill in to Salesman
    • Drill in to Company
  • Opportunity Targets
    • Drill in to Employee.

[*] Tall Emu Dashboards is free of charge to all existing and new clients, subject to having current license arrangements with us.   There is no charge for the software – charges apply for installation, training and configuration/customisation.