Pipeline Management with Tall Emu CRM

Tall Emu’s flexible pipeline system lets your team work the way they want.

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Get more hot qualified leads fed straight into your pipeline around the clock from web forms, and use our fast one-screen data entry system to create new opportunities quickly and with minimum effort.

You can even one-click create leads from your outlook using our outlook add on.

Board View

The Board view is a visual way to manage your sales pipeline. Drag and drop leads to the right sales stage, mark leads as lost, won or reassign leads to different team members with ease.  You can monitor the overall status of your pipeline.

Grid View

Our grid view is a filterable excel-style view that allows filtering and sorting your pipeline in a traditional way.You can sort based on any column, save custom filters and layouts to drill into the detail.

Map View

Map view is a powerful tool that lets you visualise the location of your customers, leads and opportunities that helps you plan on-site meetings and visits.

Our map integration allows you to drag and drop meetings from the map to the calendar, and will even calculate driving times.

What’s more, our Lead Hunter feature lets you zoom in on an area, type a business type and find records that meet that criteria on the map.

Dashboard View

Our dashboard view lets you see lead and sales trends by time, quantity and value in an easy to read set of charts. Charts can be filtered by clicking,

Syncs with XERO, MYOB and EXO

Connects with your accounting software:

  • Bring in all existing data – customers, sales, prices
  • Pretty web-based quotes out of Web CRM
  • Sync sales and new customers back to accounts with a single click!

Love Outlook? So do we!

Our Outlook plugin shows you important customer info along every email you receive, so you can keep your finger on the pulse with the minimum of admin. You can also sync emails to CRM with a single click, including one click lead-logging and support ticket logging.

Drip Feed Email Nurturing

Keep on top of your leads with drip feed email marketing. When leads are in your pipeline, they can be added to a marketing list which will Sync with Campaign Monitor or Mail Chimp to send drip feed emails automatically to them to keep them engaged.

Support that Doesn’t Suck

We’re local. We live and work here (Sydney and Melbourne), so we understand you and your business, speak your language and are available when you need us.