Manage Fulfillment & Shipments in CRM

Tall Emu CRM v3 now contains a shipments module.  It’s used to track and manage goods going from one place to another, which includes the following scenarios:


  • Goods sold – Deliver to customer
  • Goods inward – Deliver to location
  • Stock Transfer – Deliver goods from one location to another
  • Returns – from Customer
  • Returns – To Supplier.


In Tall Emu, a shipment is essentially a consignment.  We can track goods leaving one location, including the courier/shipment company/freight forwarder  (raising a PO on the shipping company if required) and their subsequent delivery to another.

Shipments are our way to control stock – when shipments are received, stock is incremented – and when shipments are sent stock is reduced.   All information about shipments is retained inside CRM – staff can see when deliveries are due, orders are shipped as well as what needs to be picked.

Our shipment module also links with Temando, Startrack, Australian Post’s Eparcel and Fastway to generate online instant shipping quotes and can even book couriers to come collect the goods.