The CRM HIRE module

The Hire Module will allow you to run and manage the backend of your Hire or leasing business.

The hire software makes is possible to lease an asset to a customer and manage that fulfillment of that hire contract in one system, including recurring billing and payment taking with credit card (soon Direct Debit also) all via Tall Emu CRM.

It doesn’t make a difference if you own the asset or you need to re-hire or cross-hire the asset, we’ll track the asset’s current location, hire terms and owner.

The CRM keeps track of what’s on hire, who own owns it, for how long its on Hire, and from where its to be picked up, who picking it up, and what the destination of the goods is.

All the paper work involved in this process is in CRM or can be attached to the Hire Job.

Speak to one of our team about how you can use the HIRE module.