Creating a Quote

First of all, navigate to SALES menu, and select “Quotes”, then click on New Quote.


The first part of the quote screen describes to whom the quote will be sent.


Start typing the contact name. The list of contacts will filter automatically. You’ll note that the name of the company is also shown in brackets, and if the person you choose is related to a company that field will be filled in automatically.

The rest of the fields are fairly self explanatory. The “Template” field determines which web based quoting template you will use.

Adding items

You can add items to the quote by selecting from the items list. If you’re linked with MYOB or XERO, then these products will most likely come from your accounting system.



You can also see the “Add Item” button that allows you to add new items, groups, comments or subtotals.

Items Group

An Items group is a group of items, either for convenience or to allow the use of options on a quote.


Save the quote, and it will go back into the “View” mode.



From the view, you have the option to view the quote as the customer will see it.

When the quote is emailed or sent to the customer as a text message, they have the ability to accept and sign the quote online. This updates the quote status to ACCEPTED inside CRM, and from there it can be progressed as a sale either in CRM or directly in the accounting system.