Outlook Add-In

Tall Emu offers an Outlook integration that helps you stay on top of activity by syncing emails, calendars and contacts between Outlook and CRM. Our Outlook add-in brings CRM into Outlook and lets you quickly view customer history, financials and more. You’re also able to create opportunities (sales leads) directly from your outlook.

If you’re in trial and you use Outlook, we’d recommend setting up this integration. It’s super handy and it’ll let you experience the benefits of connectivity and sync.

If you’ve just purchased a subscription, installing the Outlook Add-In will streamline opportunity creation and show important data when you need it most.

Please Note: Our Outlook Add-In is optimised for Windows PC. Unfortunately our Add-In and installer are not yet compatible with Mac, tablets or mobile devices.

It’s easy to install. You can download the Outlook Add-In below. Once downloaded, simply run the installer, follow the prompts to enter your username and password (please ensure you use your CRM Login Details rather than your Outlook Login Details).