Editing Existing List Members

If you wish, you’re also able to edit list members from the individual list view. This will let you remove existing members from the list, re-add deleted members to the list, or re-add bounced members to the list (perhaps after their email address has been updated on the contact record).

To do this, you’ll need to navigate to the Main Menu -> Marketing -> Lists and select the desired list. You’ll notice the list record has a grid containing all the list members grouped by status (active, bounced, deleted, unsubscribed, suppression and all).

To remove a member from the list, select their record(s) from the Active tab and use the Move Subscriber option below the grid. Select ‘Deleted’ from the dropdown and then click Move. This list member will no longer be active on the list.

To re-add a deleted member to the list, click the Deleted tab, select the desired record(s) and use the Move Subscriber option, ensuring the target list is instead set to Active. Then click Move.

If an email address has bounced it will automatically be moved to the Bounced tab. If you update the email to a valid address on the contact/company record, you’re able to re-add it to the active list. Simply click the Bounced tab, select the record(s) and use the Move Subscriber option to move the record back to Active.