There are several ways which Tall Emu CRM can be delivered to your users:

  • Local Installation – The database is installed on your server with the CRM software programs connecting directly to it to access the data.
  • Replication – A local database is installed on laptop computers or in remote locations. Using SQL Server Synchronization, each user accesses a local copy of the data. Any changes are subsequently synchronized back to the master database.
  • Web Access – The web-based version of CRM will access the master database allowing remote use of many CRM functions.
  • Terminal Services (Remote Desktop) – Tall Emu CRM may easily be accessed by Remote Desktop / Terminal Services.
  • Mobile CRM App – Get all the important CRM data on your smartphone for viewing, updating or adding of company/contract data… we are expending the capabilities all the time.

These methods may be combined, if required to suit the needs of your business.


Various data access methods in Tall Emu CRM