CRM with Phone System Integration – Tall Emu

Capture Inbound and Outbound Phone Call Instantly with Tall Emu

Tall Emu CRM integrates with a select group of Cloud PBX providers who deliver VOIP telephone systems in Australia with Australian support.

Tall Emu CRM has powerful call-centre features. It provides CRM users with streamlined telephone services from within CRM, previews information before the call is answered and streamlines data entry.

  • Out-of-the-box solution – no special configuration
  • Captures inbound/outbound calls
  • Calls trigger pop-up when the phone rings identifying customer, spend, quotes, jobs
  • Ability to add notes against calls during or after
  • Time stamp call and report on call activity
  • ‘Missed calls – not returned’ report to avoid missing customer calls
  • Automatic SMS of missed mobile calls


Caller Preview

When a phone rings, if the caller’s details are inside CRM, a small preview window is shown with the caller’s name, company name and who they normally work with.
If you answer the call, the information is immediately expanded to include:

  • Lifetime Sales value
  • Current account balance
  • Number and value of open quotes, sales orders and invoices
  • List of Items on Back Order and recently purchased items
  • Any pending shipments
  • Open opportunities
  • Open support tickets
  • Open Projects
  • Sales history chart.
  • Information about the contact’s influence – who they have referred, what role they play in open opportunities
  • Recent emails, phone calls and other messages.

It’s possible to click links in this window to open related CRM records automatically.

Click to Call Buttons

Simply click and you’re connected!  Click to call buttons to appear automatically next to all phone numbers in the CRM system when CTI is enabled, allowing a simple “click to call”

Automated Call Logging

All inbound and outbound calls made from your companies’ phone system are logged in CRM with no action on the part of the user.  This facility massively reduces the effort involved in correctly recording your interactions with clients.

The detail recorded allows excellent reports and statistics to be generated:

  • Ring time (seconds)
  • Hold Time (Seconds)
  • Direction (inbound/outbound)
  • Called Number (for example, your support line/sales line)
  • Overall call duration.
  • Call Legs – answered by, transferred to.  For example – if a receptionist answers the call and spends several moments talking before transferring to sales this time can also be tracked.