Reckon and Tall Emu CRM

We are the Best CRM for Reckon Accounts

We are a Reckon Partner and integrate with Reckon Accounts Premier and Reckon Accounts Enterprise on Desktop.

(was Quickbooks Australia)

List of Reckon packages our CRM integrates with:

Reckon Accounts Desktop:

  • Reckon Accounts Premier
  • Reckon Accounts Enterprise

Reckon Accounts Online / Hosted:

  • Reckon Accounts Hosted
  • Reckon One

We are listed on Reackon’s Ad-on Market place as a CRM that works with Reckon and we have just integrated our CRM with for Reckon Hosted Accounting Software & Reckon One.

Why use Tall Emu CRM and Reckon Accounts together?

Tall Emu CRM is the Best CRM for Reckon Accounts Software. Our Reckon Accounting Link lets you sync CRM with your Reckon Accounts, to allow customer, invoice, payment and other important accounts data to be shared.

For example:

Customers created inside CRM can be automatically created in Reckon Accounts, have an invoice created and copied to Reckon Accounts, then charge the credit card and post the payment details to Reckon Accounts too.

Reckon Accounting Link plugs into Tall Emu CRM’s workflow module giving you extremely flexible control of how CRM interacts with Reckon Accounts.

Reckon Accounts information can be used as the basis for campaigns or promotions. eg: a list of customers who’ve bought more than $200,000 worth of products from you in the last year, but nothing in the last month.

Customer details and key financial information.

Accounting Link allows the transfer contacts and key financial information such as sales summaries and account balances into the Tall Emu CRM system. You can also copy companies and contacts from Tall Emu CRM into your accounting system. This way the information kept in your CRM and your accounting system is kept in-sync automatically.

Tall Emu CRM and Reckon Data - See Reckon data in Outlook

Once information is transferred into Tall Emu CRM, it becomes available to all users even if they normally they don’t have access to the accounting system. An example of this would be where members of the sales team using Tall Emu CRM can view customer account balances without requiring them to log into Reckon Accounts.

Tall emu CRM enables you to see Reckon Data on your mobile

Tall emu CRM enables you to see Reckon Data on your mobile


For more reason why to link go here – Benefits of Linking your Accounting software with CRM

How to I install Tall Emu CRM Accounting Link?

Reckon Accounts Link is included with every paid license copy of Tall Emu CRM.  All you need to do is authorise your Reckon Company File to work with Tall Emu CRM (A simple process) and you’re ready to go.

Want to see more ?

Click here to see a short video which shows you how to set up the Reckon Accounts interface, import your Reckon Accounts data into CRM and push data back from CRM into Reckon Accounts.