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Ideal CRM for Manufacturers and the Manufacturing Industry, Tall Emu CRM has the tools to help you sell more and work smarter.

Tall Emu CRM is designed to help Australian manufacturing companies track and manage their sales pipeline, build process, Inventory, fulfillment and serve their clients from anywhere.

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CRM Software with Excellent Manufacturing resource planning Capabilities

Manufacturers have different needs to other businesses, especially when you manufacture to order or do custom jobs.  Existing accounting systems just don’t cut it, so you have to resort to excel spreadsheets to manage the quoting, sales and build processes.

Tall Emu has worked with small manufacturers for years. You don’t need to replace your existing accounting system to get the benefits – Tall Emu works out of the box with MYOB, Xero and MYOB Exo.

Our Software is Great for Manufacturers:

  • Configurable products with options and upgrades allows you to make template items, but customise them for each quote or sale.
  • Optional Products allow you to have pure add-ons in your quotes.
  • Upgrade Product Options lets you specify a base model, with up-sell options.
  • Batch Track Products through purchase, manufacture and sale.
  • Serialised tracking of products though purchase, manufacture and sale.

Our Sales Pipeline system is Great for Manufacturers:

  • Highly Visual Opportunity Pipeline.
  • Allows multiple quotes to be connected to each deal.
  • Sales, Invoices can be connected to Opportunities too.
  • Present quotes to clients in PDF format, or interactive online format.

Our Project system is Great for Manufacturers:

  • Make projects per sale to track production processes.
  • Automatically create tasks based on items sold.
  • Visual Project view.

Low Cost of Ownership – Up-Front and Ongoing

Local Support, by Local People

  • Local number
  • Local timezone
  • Australian Owned

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We can help get your data out of your existing software – whether it be a custom database or excel sheets – to get everything running in one simple, web-based system.

If you’re a Manufacturer or in the Manufacturing Industry, we recommend booking a demo of our system. Discover how our software addresses the unique requirements of the manufacturing sector by trying it for yourself.