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Setting Up Users

Expand the side menu on “admin” to show the admin options:


Select “User and Security”, then click on “New User”. You will see a new user entry screen:


Fill in the basic details:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address – this will be used for their login.
  • Speech Recognition Language – the closest fit to the language/accent this user speaks in. For Australia, English US or English UK.
  • Click Save and Close.

Note: when we import users from an accounting system, the login details will likely be incorrect. You need to ensure the ‘Login’ field contains a valid email address (that will be used to send an initial CRM Invite to grant access) rather than a name. To assign a valid username, open the user record as per the above instructions and make sure you use the ‘Change Login’ feature to set it to an email address.

We will now display the user details. Note that at this point, the user has no permissions and while they will be able to log in, they won’t be able to see or do anything. So, we’ll fix that up on the next screen:</p.

Firstly, click on “permissions” to collapse and hide it.

Then, under the “Teams” section, click on “Add New”.


By default there is only one team available – Administrators. If you add a user to this team they will be able to do anything in the system.

The next section deals with setting up your own teams, which have limited access to data and features than “admin”.

Add them to the team (you can add more than one team if they exist) and click on SAVE. You add them to teams one at a time.