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Sync Outlook Calendar with CRM

Before you sync you calendar with CRM, we reccommend you take some time to consider the configuration to avoid data being incorrectly shared with CRM.

First of all -to avoid the sync of Personal meetings/appointments, set the PRIVATE flag on that appointment. Tall Emu will still sync a blank entry (marked as private) to denote your unavailability, but not the details of the event.



You can control your calendar Sync options more in Tall Emu. To set up the options, in outlook navigate to Tall Emu, and then choose “Options”



The main options menu will appear.


The options are mainly self-explanatory.

We would recommend:

  • Auto-Sync calendar – it will then allow your outlook to auto sync meetings.
  • Sync meetings from CRM to Outlook, and Outlook to CRM. It’s better to create them in CRM, but many users prefer outlook.’
  • Contact Sync from CRM to outlook only, to avoid accidental cluttering of data.

For the email options, we generally recommend manually syncing emails that are important, to avoid cluttering up the database with low-value data. For example, if you share 20 emails with someone trying to arrange a meeting, that’s probably not worth Syncing, but an email with important project information is.

If you want to AUto Sync, we’d recommend using the Email Folders – drag messages in there and inbox insights will sync in the background.