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SMTP Email

To send email from Tall Emu, you’ll need to configure your email server.

This is accessed from the “Connections” menu, and choose “SMTP”.

You may require assistance from your IT Support company to successfully complete these settings.

Tall Emu requires a single username and password that has permission to send emails for every user in your company. These details must be entered in the form below. We recommend setting up a user similarly to “[email protected]” for this purpose.


If you are using Office 365

  • The Host Name should be
  • Enabled SSL has to be checked
  • SMTP PORT should be 587


Configure “Send As” permissions on office 365

We recommend firstly setting up an address “[email protected]” and you should configure this address as ‘Send As’ to other mail boxes in office 365.


1. Click on Exchange


2. Click on Mail Boxes



3. Select the user


4. Click on mailbox delegation


5. Add the ‘Send As’. e.g [email protected] will be added to mike mailbox.


After the configuration is completed, test using the “Send Email” test in the SMTP menu.

You can sent a test email TO any email that you like, but it must be set to be FROM a mailbox that the account has permissions to send as.