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Add or Remove Contacts and Companies from Lists

To add contacts (or companies) to a target list, follow these steps:

Click on the “More Actions” placeholder on the screen:


This will reveal the “more actions” menu:

Select the contacts you want to add (or remove) from the list and press the appropriate button.


If you’re adding, a box will come up.

Click on the lists you want to add the contact(s) to, and then press OK:


In this example, we’re seeing that Darryl has been added to ‘Simple Contact List’ – and we have available several other lists which we could also add him to.

Once you’ve pressed OK, if you open the List again, you will see Darryl has been successfully added to the list:



You can click on the names in the list, and it will take you immediately to that CRM record.

If you wish, you can manipulate this list – add or remove from here, using the controls at the bottom of the list. Select one or more contacts, and move them to a different status:


It is also possible to export the list to excel (including different parts of the list, such as “bounced”) using the cog icon, here: