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You can update your stock levels by performing a physical stocktake at any of your Locations and then update your stock levels in CRM line with your actual levels on hand by creating a new Stocktake record.

You can also use a stocktake as an opportunity to update the batch and serial numbers for your stock.

The Stocktakes module









Create a new Stocktake
  • In the Stocktake module, click on the New Stocktake button.
  • Give the stocktake a Name, assign it to a User, add the Date the stocktake was performed and select the Location where the stocktake took place.
  • Click Save & Close.

Creating a new Stocktake for a Location

When you Save & Close a new Stocktake record, you will see a list of all the stock currently at the chosen Location. You can then take the following actions:

  • Export the listed stock to an Excel Spreadsheet by clicking the Export To Excel buttonnote that you do not have the ability to import your updated spreadsheet back into CRM. 
  • Add additional stock to a location by clicking one of the buttons: Add Item, Add Product or Add All Products.
  • Delete stock from a location by selecting the relevant item/s and clicking the Delete button.
  • Update the quantity and serial or batch numbers of items.

When you have finished updating your Stocktake record, click on the Complete button to apply the changes to your system – your changes will then be reflected when you go back to the Stocks module.

Updating a selected item in a Stocktake

A Stocktake exported to Excel

View stock movements

When you adjust the level of stock using a Stocktake, you can view the changes from a Product record using the Stock Movements tab.

Stock Movements tab on in a Product record

Before you export a Stocktake to your accounting system

Before you push a Stocktake record to your accounting system manually, you must perform the following steps IN SEQUENTIAL ORDER:

  1. Export all your Invoices to MYOB/Xero.
  2. Export all your Supplier Bills for receipted goods to MYOB/Xero.
  3. Allow 5 minutes for these exports to complete.
  4. Then push your Stocktake record manually to MYOB/Xero.

You can push all your Invoices OUT to MYOB/Xero from the sync settings page by clicking on the MYOB/Xero logo and then choosing Export.

You can push your Supplier Bills for receipted goods to MYOB/Xero by opening a record and clicking on the Create button next to the MYOB/Xero logo.

Export a Stocktake to your accounting system

Ensure you have followed the steps in the section above before you export your Stocktake.

Once the Stocktake record is marked as Complete, you can export the Stocktake to your accounting system using the Xero or MYOB button that will show on the form – this button will not be visible until the Complete button is clicked.

If your stock levels have not changed, the export to your accounting system will not take place.

Example of the button to push the Stocktake to your accounting system

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