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Inbound Shipments

To generate an Inbound Shipment, open a Purchase Order and select either Receive Shipment or Receive All.

Shipment receipt options on a Purchase Order toolbar






Both choices will create a new shipment record that will appear in the Inbound Shipments module.

  • If you choose Receive Shipment, the shipment record will have To Be Picked automatically applied as the shipment record Status.
  • If you choose Receive All, the shipment record will have Received automatically applied as the shipment record Status.

The related Purchase Order will also have the Status field updated to reflect the current shipment status.

Receiving orders

All new shipments generated from a Purchase Order will have To Be Picked automatically applied at the Status, so you can isolate the orders you need to physically receive by using the search/filter box in the Status column.

The Inbound Shipments module








When you have processed an incoming shipment, you can open the record and select Mark As Received to change the Status field of the shipment to Received.

Marking an incoming shipment as received











Multiple shipments of a Purchase Order

You can receive items from a Purchase Order in as many shipments as necessary.

When you select Receive All, the default action is to pull all available items that are not yet received into a new shipment record. You can then edit the shipment record.

If you don’t want everything on the order to be received at once, just delete any items you don’t want to receipt yet. If you remove items from the shipment record, this will be reflected in the Purchase Order, where they will show as yet to be received.

Modifying items received on an Incoming Shipment















You can also amend the quantity received by clicking on an item and amending the Quantity field, then click Save.

Change the quantity received for an item

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