A simple Australian CRM for small businesses and teams.

Struggling to keep track of a fast growing sales pipeline? Too many excel spreadsheets? Is your data all over the place and you can’t keep track? Tall Emu is perfect for small businesses and teams.

    • A central place to keep track of customers, employees, leads, projects and quotes.
    • Manages activities, tracks follow-ups and helps you to close deals.
    • Easily share customer info with your team (wherever they are).
    • Connects with MYOB and Xero to stop double-entry of data and save you time.
    • Local Company. Local Management. Local Team. Local Number to Call.

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Map View

Map view shows exactly where your companies and people are located, helping you plan for on-site meetings and scheduling activities.

      • Visualize your sales territory to find your best opportunities instantly.
      • Filter opportunities based on location and your schedule.
      • Create sales runs and scheduling. Focus on the right customers and get more meetings every day.
      • Driving time calculation to make sure you’re there on time.
      • “Prospect Hunter” lets you search the map for new leads.

Grid View

Grid view is the traditional way to manage your pipeline and your customer data.

      • View your leads in rows and sort by columns based on the age of the lead, stage, confidence, value, and more.
      • Open leads with a single click to view the detailed timeline of activity, make new notes and update records.

Kanban View of Sales Pipeline

Kanban View is the interactive way to manage your sales pipeline. Drag and drop leads to the next sales stage and mark leads as won, lost, or cancelled. Monitor your pipeline and quickly see what needs to be done next.

      • View by Sales Stage or Sales Person.
      • Drag and drop changes update the database immediately.
      • Set your own sales stages that make sense to you.

One page Customer Records

See the most important and up-to-date information for every person and business your team interacts with:

      • Timeline view shows exactly what has been happening, when, and with who.
      • Easily see planned activity to keep track of what’s next.
      • Adding notes, creation of ‘To Do’ items and booking meetings is easy.
      • If you’re linked with MYOB or XERO you can see prior sales right down to the lines and amounts.

Shared Calendar

See your entire team’s calendar in one spot so you know where things are up to at all times.

We link nicely with Outlook

Don’t let important customer interactions get lost in email. Sync your important communications to Tall Emu so everyone knows what’s going on!

Just look at that sidebar! You see it on every email you receive showing you useful information about the sender and your relationship (including financial relationship) with them.

      • Sync emails to keep records without having to copy and paste.
      • One click creation of sales leads and support tickets from email.

Online Quoting

Design, generate & distribute quotes by email or SMS. Add images, let recipients accept or ask questions & take payment online.

Voice to Text

Speak your notes into Tall Emu – have them transcribed to text automatically, and we’ll even keep a copy of the audio for you.

Other Killer features and Benefits

      • Seamless integration with market-leading software –  Save time & money by eliminating double entry and automating your processes.
      • Completely cloud-based – have the information you need, when you need it with data access anywhere, anytime. All data is stored in Australian data centres, backed up, secured and encrypted to keep your data safe.
      • Local Support –  We are based in Sydney (York Street) and employ local people to provide support. You can even come in for a chat/coffee/beer!

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If you’re not quite ready, there’s a video you can watch here which will show you through the system in about 30 minutes. Or, of course, you can give us a call – because we put our number on every page of the website so you can get hold of us easily!

Competitive Pricing. No Start-up Costs. No Bull.

At just $45 per user/month (billed annually), Tall Emu offers great bang for the buck. There are no expensive start-up costs – have your trial, buy the number of licenses you need for your users and get on with it. Our add-ons are included in the price.

A single user can get themselves up and running for $540+GST and that’s it. No hidden costs.

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Tall Emu Compared to Salesforce and Zoho

We’re often asked to say why we are a better choice for Aussie businesses than Salesforce and Zoho, two of the big names in CRM.

Tall Emu is a user-friendly, affordable CRM that is designed specially to meet the needs of small business and teams. We have inbuilt connectors to many common apps used by small business, like MYOB, Xero, Mailchimp as well as Aussie freight companies. These work out of the box and are included in your subscription.

Tall Emu’s main advantages over Salesforce are:

  • Ease of setup.
  • Ease of use.
  • Affordability (by a country mile).
  • Direct integrations to apps like MYOB and Xero.

This is because Salesforce provides CRM software for enterprise organisations with IT departments capable of implementing and supporting it.  You need to know what you’re getting into with Salesforce because it can get expensive, fast.

Tall Emu’s main advantages over ZOHO are:

  • Ease of use.
  • Simple, intuitive design.
  • Fast, friendly technical support.
  • Direct integrations to apps like MYOB and Xero.