Business Automation using our Powerful Workflow Engine

Want to automate your business and save money and time? One of the best ways to save money in a business is to look for tasks that are time consuming and / or repetitive in nature and automate them.

Why do Businesses need to Automate?

We can work with you to identify such areas and find a technical solution to fix these issues. You can then better deploy your staff on things that adds more value add to the business and you can say goodbye to the annoying jobs that are critical but tedious to-do.

Example of what can be automated:

  • Email sending, filing and processing
  • Invoice sending,filing and reconciling
  • Commission calculations, payment and allocation
  • Debt collecting, Payment processing
  • Following up of leads
  • Form or application filling
  • Data Entry
  • Data Importing
  • Task setting, reminders

…and much more

Tall Emu CRM can be the engine room that runs your business. Why don’t you contact us about a Demo of the system.