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Managing Data

Migrating your data to Tall Emu CRM is Easy

Once you decide to use Tall Emu CRM, you’ll need to consider how to get your data from the systems you’re using now into it, so you can make the most use of it. Fortunately, we’ve taken care of this.

Powerful Import Wizard

Tall Emu CRM has a powerful import function, able to import CSV or fixed length files and map them to CRM. The extremely powerful importer can be used to load contacts, companies, notes or other data to the CRM.

Outlook Plug-in

A fast way to bring in Company and Contact data is to install the outlook plugin, and press the “Sync” button. This will create companies (if they don’t already exist) and associate the contacts with them. Before doing this, it’s worth spending a little bit of time organising your outlook contacts  including clicking off the “Private” checkbox on any contacts you don’t want loaded into CRM.

Accounting Link

Using the accounting link for MYOB, Reckon accounts or Quickbooks, you can import not only Companies and Contacts, but products, invoices and sales history too in order to get you off to a flying start.

CRM Migration Tools

Tall Emu is developing simple migration tools to allow data to be easily imported from other CRM providers. If you’re already running CRM and thinking of upgrading to Tall Emu CRM this could be the fastest way to get your data in.

Premier Group
Brett Etchells, Business Development Manager, Premier Group
I have worked with the Tall Emu system for over four years in two different businesses…the team and software have been outstanding.
Tuff Stuff Australia
Ash Collins, Director, Tuff Stuff Australia
Tall Emu have always produced everything they said they would and the results have certainly exceeded our expectations.
Fabulous Catering
Adam Pope, Managing Director, Fabulous Catering
Tall Emu offers unparalleled customization at its price point.
Digital Kiwi Ltd
David White, Director, Digital Kiwi Ltd
Tall Emu CRM has a very intuitive interface and it’s easy to use. It has been very reliable in the three years I have been using it, and it is very customisable.
Samantha Peters, Sales and Marketing Manager, Pastabilities
We absolutely love our new website! Not only does it look beautiful, but it also is technically superior and incredibly functional, as it interfaces with our Tall Emu CRM.
Linda Cooper, Firstfolio
Tall Emu have a wide range of experience in the development of business systems which has proved very valuable to Firstfolio in enhancing our business automation and online systems. We would highly recommend them.
Scot Finnie, Editor in Chief, Computerworld
What’s especially impressive about the talk and actions emanating from Australia-based Tall Emu is a strong corporate culture that values communication, honesty, a willingness to talk openly about problems, a responsive attitude, open-mindedness, and respect.
Premier Group
Brett Etchells, Business Development Manager, Premier Group
It is important we get high quality systems to keep up with the rapid growth and demands of today’s business needs. Tall Emu consistently delivers on this with its very flexible, powerful, adaptable capacity.
Peer Support Australia
Sharon Austin, General Manager, Peer Support Australia
Yes, I would definitely recommend Tall Emu CRM. They are honest, reliable, hardworking, do what they say. It is great being able to deal with the Principals rather than staff who keep changing. We want them to be in business for a long time.
Staywell Group
Rachel Pirie, Group Director of International Sales & Marketing, Staywell Group
Tall Emu developed a superior reporting solution that exceeded our company’s objectives and expectations. Their expert guidance through the project was invaluable.
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