Tall Emu CRM makes a great CRM solution for inbound or outbound call centres.  With Tall Emu CRM you can track, measure and manage inbound or outbound campaigns easily.


Tall Emu CRM allows all calls, both inbound and outbound to be recorded inside the CRM.  You may schedule calls to be placed in future, and log the details of the call currently in progress.

Inbound calls can present a pop-screen to alert you of the person calling and which company (if any) they are from.

When the call is taken, the standard call dialog is displayed (Click for bigger). When paired with Asterisk, the CRM can automatically note the direction,start time, end time and the called (or calling) party – leaving you to only type in a short note.


Measure and Report

Since all calls are recorded in the system, it’s possible to produce excellent statistical reports. What time of the day is the busiest?  How many calls are my team making or receiving per day ?