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What are some challenges of implementing CRM software in Australia?

by Rocket Agency

When it comes to implementing new software for CRM, there tends to be four main challenges. Let’s take a closer look at some of them below, and how they can be addressed. 

  • Changing the way your team works – Adding a new piece of software to the daily routine will naturally have a learning curve, and shift the current routine. So it’s important to make sure you choose the best CRM software for the task. It should be easy to use, enhancing day-to-day workflow rather than needlessly adding to it. 
  • Overcoming user resistance – User resistance tends to be closely related to changing the way your team works. Employees understandably don’t want to have to add to their workload for no perceived benefit. So it’s important to look for customer relationship management software that will allow your staff to streamline their work and that integrates effectively with their other systems. Which leads us to our next point…


  • Integrating the CRM with your other business systems – It’s essential that your CRM integrates with other software you use on a daily basis. Customer databases, stock keeping and accounting software are just a few considerations. Having an Australian CRM can be an effective way to tackle this, as you’ll be dealing with a provider that’s aware of the most common programs in the Australian market. 
  • Managing the cost of the CRM – Cost-management is key for effective CRM use. You want one that offers a range of features while still being affordable. Part of this is being able to get the most out of the support offered too. Some small business owners opt to use an Australian-based CRM so that they know support will be accessible in a timely fashion from a local provider. This can cut issues with downtime and accessibility, which left unchecked can add to your overall running costs.


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