Tall Emu CRM is the best CRM for MYOB EXO.   We seamlessly connect with EXO to deliver a CRM solution that works in and out of the office.

Our Hybrid CRM offers a solid in-office platform that runs on the same database infrastructure as EXO, combined with a slick web-based component which syncs the data (securely stored in Australia in Tier 1 data centers) for offsite/web based access.

It will help you:

  • Track and manage leads and opportunities
  • Manage Onsite visits and diary
  • Track Calls (we link with 100 phone systems)
  • Sync with outlook
  • Send SMS messages
  • Web Based Quotes
  • Manage Projects and Tasks in your team
  • Take Credit Card payments
  • Link with Freight companies such as Australia Post and Star Track.
  • Automate key business tasks
  • Visualise data with Dashboards
  • Connect with Shopping Carts

Manage Leads with EXO

Leads can be created in CRM manually through the Tall Emu screen, or automatically using Webforms.  Once in the system it’s possible to create and follow up quotes, meetings and other activity.

Accepted quotes can be converted to Sales Orders and then sent to EXO.  It’s also possible to handle the invoicing and payment directly in Tall Emu, and transfer those to EXO instead depending on your needs.

Manage Onsite visits for Reps

You can visualise your clients, leads and prospects on a map.  Drag and drop to set appointments and the system will help with your planning by calculating driving times. The map can be colour coded by sales, assigned to – and filtered as well so you can make sure you are seeing the right people.

Track Calls

In Tall Emu, we can link directly in to your phone system.  Not only do we log each call in or out automatically, we also deliver pop-screens which tell you who is calling while the phone is ringing.   When the call is answered, we can automatically display the company, contact or call log screen so you can type notes.

Sync with Outlook

Our Inbox Insights outlook add-in does two key things – firstly, it lets you Sync emails you receive to CRM so they are stored against the correct company, contact or opportunity.

It also shows you key information whenever you receive an email to keep your finger on the pulse.

You can see activity, sales, products purchased and the toolbar sits alongside every email you open.

This also allows you to create opportunities/leads, support tickets too right from within Outlook, saving you time.

Web Based Quotes

It’s possible to create quotes in Tall Emu, and send them to customers by email or SMS –  the customer is able to view the quote on their smartphone, accept the quote, provide a PO number or even pay by credit card.

The quote templates can be customised to provide the best experience for the customer, including images, videos or other rich content.  We’re also able to track quotes that are opened.

Manage Projects and Tasks in your team

Once you have sold it, you now need to deliver it.   If you work in projects, our project and task system will help you keep things on track.

  • Auto generate projects and tasks based on items sold.
  • Track tasks and projects through different stages
  • View tasks against customers, contacts, projects
  • See a “30000 ft view” with a Kanban showing status. You can also drag and drop the items to update status (or they update automatically as task or project status changes).


Time Tracking (web based)

We also have a web-based time tracker which can be used in factories, on the road or in any other environment where tracking of time expended on tasks is required.   This allows commodity tablet computers to be used very cost effectively in wet or dusty environments.

As users update time on tasks, this can roll up to complete the “Actual” time on projects, and updates CRM in real time.

Track tasks with CRM

Easy Migration from EXO CRM

If you are already running EXO CRM we can easily pull in your existing quotes, opportunities and get you up and running without much fuss.

Connect with Shopping Carts

We can connect with Woo Commerce and have orders downloading automatically into the CRM system.  These can then be processed, picked, packed and shipped using the normal process.