What is CRM integration ?

CRM Integration means linking other applications and services to your CRM system.  This could be as simple as automatically synchronizing your customers between accounting software (ie. MYOB / Xero/ Quickbooks / Reckon) and your CRM or  other business systems you rely on to run your business.

Why would you do it?

Integration of your business systems is a great way to reduce manual processes, data entry and errors.  Data is entered once, and pumped into other systems as required.  A reduction in manual effort on repetitive tasks frees up time for more productive uses.

For example, consider a business receiving 2000 web enquiries per month.  Each enquiry is manually responded to with a “Thanks for your enquiry” and a price list.  If it takes one minute to reply , then file this email then 2,000 minutes of non-productive time (33 hours) of a salesman’s time can be recovered per month.

If we assume a working week of 38 hours, this is almost the equivalent of having one extra full time sales person on board for a week per month!

If we extend this to consider the time spent on manually generating quotes and sending them, or copying data to accounting systems then the streamlining time really adds up.

What sort of systems can we integrate with?

Pretty much anything.  We’ve integrated with Google, Credit Reference, Vodafone’s network switching system, SMS Providers, Radiator to manage Internet accounts, MYOB, Quickbooks, electronic white pages, and other generic websites.

If you have a business system that requires manual data entry, chances are we can automate it.

 Connect business systems to CRM

  • How many programs do you run in or around your business?
  • How much time is wasted copying data from place to place?


Tall Emu CRM excels at linking together your internal and external business systems, to deliver you a competitive advantage.  In fact, we’ve never found a business system we couldn’t somehow link to.

What does that mean for me?

Imagine an online retailer using drop-shipping.

  • A customer comes to your website, and views the products in your online store.  Fortunately, you have the product they were looking for, because you added it to CRM this morning, and it was seamlessly synched to your website.
  • The customer reviews his order, and makes his payment using eWay and moments later, you have the money in your account.
  • You open CRM and you see the order details are present.  The customer has already been sent an email advising of the approximate delivery date and thanking them for the order.
  • Your supplier has already been provided with the details for the drop-ship, and given you a consignment note number which your CRM has already emailed to the client, and stored in case the client calls with any query.


The best thing is, this happens hundreds of times per day without your manual intervention.

What sort of systems can we connect to ?

Anything. We’ve linked to banks, we can link to suppliers, partners, web conferencing systems, custom internal systems, credit bureaux, fulfillment providers, couriers, government agencies.

We can connect to computers and systems to activate accounts, generate license keys, send emails, faxes or SMS messages.

Whatever your business needs, we can streamline it with Tall Emu CRM.