Custom Software Development

Looking for a custom software solution for your businesses because off-the-shelf software doesn’t do all that you need? Then talk to us first. We’ve provided custom software to Australian Businesses for 20 yrs, but today we can this at a fraction of the cost and time to deliver.

What sort of problems have we solved?

  • Franchise data share
  • Wholesale and Retail company with data transfer
  • Selling Memberships or Subscription
  • Custom Integration, Billing or Quoting
  • Custom CRM Software & White Label CRM
  • Comm Calculation or unique Pricing…and a lot more

Call us today and tell us what you’re trying to achieve.

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Tall Emu is different

We developed our CRM software from the ground up with the idea that every business has their “secret sauce” or changes that they want to have so that their custom database gives them a competitive advantage.

So we’ve made it easy for us to tailor the database, customise the screens and reports – as well as add completely new custom features and rules.

We can extract and migrate data from ageing existing systems or design custom systems, bringing all of this into a powerful, modern cloud platform.

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How to get started

Let’s have a quick chat about your requirements. This doesn’t need to be a long conversation for us to have a fair idea if we can help. By using our CRM as a base and building the functionality you need we can save you time and money in getting what you need.

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Custom CRM

Customer relationship management is core to the operation of a modern business, but many CRM software doesn’t allow you to run the business end-to-end.

Tall Emu off the shelf has many features, including integrations with MYOB, XERO and EXO – powerful quoting and selling features, highly visual mapping tools, and order management functions – all of which can be extended, modified or simply configured to suit your needs.

Building a custom CRM that can allow you to track customers to optimise your sales process but also empower every department is therefore not as expensive as you may think.

So, if you think it makes sense to develop a custom CRM for your business Tall Emu can help.

Stuck with old excel-based systems?

The days of relying on Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and Access databases are done. With our help, you can migrate your existing data into a sophisticated custom database, which can be updated quickly and efficiently. Don’t get bogged down with old-fashioned database tools – get a cloud CRM software that matches your needs, but takes advantage of the economies of scale of our cloud platform.

Want to Save Time?

A central database of all your business data that your team can access – plus automation will save you time and money, and make sure that your data is as accurate as possible.    We can automatically upload excel spreadsheets,  sync data with MYOB or Xero and more.

Business Process Automation

We’re masters of business process automation and streamlining.   Our entire company is built on the idea that small businesses need automated, streamlined systems to compete – and we do this by reducing data-entry, automatically sharing data with MYOB, XERO and other systems.

Software System Integration

Tired of many independent apps?   We can make one source of truth – a single business system either be replacing expensive, single-purpose apps – or by integrating to them depending on the value that they offer your business.   No more copying booking data from app to app, with a master excel sheet in the middle!

What sort of problems have we solved?

  • Custom CRM Software & White Label CRM
  • Franchise data share
  • Wholesale and Retail company with data transfer
  • Selling Memberships or Subscription
  • Custom Integration
  • Custom Billing
  • Custom Quote
  • Comm Calculation or unique Pricing

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