Telemarketing using CRM

Tall Emu CRM supercharges your telemarketing – especially when connected with one of almost 100 supported phone systems.

Pop Screens on incoming calls

When your customers or leads call, we’ll identify them and let you know with a handy pop up.   This is great for inbound telemarketing organisations, or just day to day operations.  Promptly identify:

  • Caller Name and Organisation
  • Status  (Lead, Customer, Supplier
  • Which of your numbers did they call.
  • Does the customer have open quotes or invoices
  • What is the customer value and spend
  • Are there any customer service issues open?
  • Are there any open opportunities
  • Special notes for this client.

When you answer a call, an instant popup appears which will allow you to take call notes, so your data in CRM remains updated.

 Click to Call

You can speed up call times with our click to call function.  Click a phone number in either CRM, or in Outlook and we’ll auto dial the number.

When the number is called,  you can have the same call popup as inbound calls – with the same note-taking capability.

Automatic Call Logging

All calls can be logged automatically.   This includes both inbound and outbound calls.    The detail stored includes:

  • Call Start Time
  • Duration
  • Number to / From
  • Extension making the call
  • Linked to a customer and contact account as appropriate.
  • Optionally linked to other CRM structures – Opportunities, Quotes, Projects.

These three features combined allow us to manage, track and report on call activity with the business.