Search Engine Marketing with CRM

We recognise that a lot of the marketing activity is via your website, and in particular the prominence of Search Engine Marketing (SEO or SEM/PPC) makes it a very important channel.

In addition to having web-leads automatically enter your CRM we have a few more ways to your Search Marketing efforts.

For instance, we can add a piece of code to your website/s that pass through to the CRM where your leads have come from (much like Google Analytics) but this data is recorded against the opportunity / individual web visitor.

As soon as they fill in a form your website their anonymous data is now given a name. The data we collect would tell if they were an organic/SEO lead or through your AdWords campaign.

Tracking Off-line Sales (usually via the phone)

Where this is really useful is that although someone might start their journey or interaction with you via your website, they may complete the sale over the phone or by some other medium. If they do we can now attribute that back to the originating source (SEM or SEO or Referral or EDM etc.) so that you know what is producing sales not just leads.