Online Marketing with Tall Emu CRM made easy

Tall Emu CRM is an online marketing powerhouse and supports you in making your website and CRM an integrated force to give you an edge of your rivals.

We understand that your website, and the internet in general, is where a lot of your customer acquisition efforts are now spent.

Here a quick list of things we provide to you to make your life easier:

Integrated Web form

The forms on your website can be changed so that the information in  your web forms (web leads) are sent straight into your CRM and have an opportunity created.

Auto Responders

Using Auto responders which can be created in CRM you can tailor and automate your automatic response when a form on your website is filled out.

ClickStream – Coming Soon

Like Google Analytics this makes your ability to know where these leads are coming from.


Regardless of where your leads come from and how they come we can help you correctly attribute leads and sales to the originating source.


We have powerful reporting tools and out of the box reports to make sense of your marketing and sales activity including you Online Marketing.

Shopping Cart

No matter what product or service you offer, our shopping cart can be styled, themed and customised to suit it.

See examples here: