Customer Pricing

Confidently sell at the right price every time. With Tall Emu, you’re able to implement a range of pricing controls to take the leg work out of ensuring your customers are happy and your cash flow is constant.

  • Multiple price levels for customers in different industries and using different trade agreements.
  • Quantity-based price breaks to offer discounts for higher order values.
  • Customer specific pricing and credit management for tighter control.
  • Location-based pricing to define specific pricing levels depending on location sold to or location sold from.

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Multiple Price Levels

Create multiple price levels depending on who you’re selling to.

  • Set up unique pricing for wholesale, retail, trade or not-for-profit buyers.
  • Sell at the right price every time and avoid sending pricing mistakes to customers.
  • Centrally manage the price rules for improved pricing clarity.

Quantity-Based Price Breaks

Define unlimited price breaks based on the quantity of product sold.

  • Set up discounts for high quantity orders.
  • Sell at higher mark-up for a single product purchase.
  • No more risky calculations during quote creation, prices will update automatically according to your rules.

Location Based Pricing

If you sell to customers in a number of locations, you’re able to set up specific pricing controls based on sell-to or sell-from regions.

  • Flexibility to automate your pricing rules across the business, reducing admin work and eliminating the need for complex product set up based on location.
  • Sell-to rules let you define prices based on the different customer regions you sell to.
  • Sell-from rules let you define prices based on the locations you’re selling stock from.
  • Helpful for providing pricing parity based on location specific criteria.
  • Lets you maximise revenues by taking into account location specific taxes, shipping rates, restrictions and more.

Unique Customer Pricing

There are a number of specific pricing policies you can put in place to simplify your admin work and help you sell more confidently, reducing the risk of pricing errors and cash flow issues.

  • Define contract pricing levels for specific products being sold to specific customers.
  • Set a schedule for contract pricing to offer special pricing only when desired.
  • Credit controls on customer accounts outline payment terms and purchasing credit limits.