Provide impressive service to your clients by streamlining your sales process, removing barriers to purchase and reducing administrative input. Sell more with improved efficiency across your entire sales process.

  • Intuitive quotes, sales orders and invoices help fast track sales & order fulfilment.
  • Online payment and bookings empower customers to complete orders with less input from you.
  • Built-in freight quoting provides price transparency at every step of the sales process.

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Simplify your quoting process and fast-track sales by removing the barriers to quote acceptance.

  • Send quotes via email or SMS, accept online payment and convert quotes to sales orders in one click to speed up your quoting.
  • Design beautiful, branded quote templates that complement your products and encourage sales.
  • Q&A functionality and complex quoting functionality encourages sales by giving customers the information they need to convert.

Sales Orders

Streamline your sales process so you can provide impressive service to customers when it counts.

  • Create a sales order from a quote with one click – and invoice with another.
  • Seamlessly transition between the stages of order fulfilment (and automatically sync updates with with your accounting software at every step).

Freight and Delivery

Get accurate, up-to-date freight quotes from over 60 carriers using your contract freight rates with our Machship integration.

  • In-line freight quoting provides accurate prices directly within quote creation.
  • Save freight quotes for later consignment.
  • Use non-inventoried products to manually add freight costs to quotes with ease.

Order Management

Do away with complicated spreadsheets. Our system lets you effortlessly manage partial orders, backorders, product allocations and more, so your team has the information they need to sell confidently.

Customer Pricing

Sell at the right price, every time and minimise the risk of passing pricing errors on to your customers.

  • Automatically calculated percentage price discounts.
  • Price breaks based on order quantity.
  • Special pricing based on account.
  • Customer credit controls.


Shopping Cart

Connect your shopping cart to Tall Emu CRM and centralise product management to reduce data entry and administrative overhead.

  • Automate fulfilment with sync of order details and sales back to CRM for processing.
  • Manage your products & inventory in a centralised location and give yourself and all-encompassing view of business inventory.

Online Payments

Save time and resources with online payment processing via our Ezidebit and eWay integrations.

  • Keep track of your money with payments automatically synced to your CRM and accounting system.
  • Know who’s paid with automatic updates to quote & invoice records.
  • Empower the customer to pay online, reducing the strain on your admin and finance teams.

Training and Events

Reduce your administrative workload and focus on more lucrative activities with our online training and events module.

  • Specialised product generation simplifies training course creation and event set-up.
  • Centralise attendee information to harness the full sales potential of your customers.
  • Booking widget allows customers to book, register and submit payment online – with zero input from you.

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