Segmenting Data

Above all else, Tall Emu CRM is a repository for customer data, so it makes sense that you are empowered to segment it in a way that is useful and effective.

  • Centralise and store your business data in an organised way to improve the effectiveness of marketing, communications, follow-up, service and advice.
  • Dynamic segmentation automatically updates lists when new data enters the CRM.
  • Closely target your marketing communications and sales efforts to achieve better ROI.
  • Collect more data and organise it easily for follow up – prospect hunter, data import, web forms.

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Easy Segmentation

Tall Emu makes data segmentation easy. Offering the functionality to centralise your business data, it only makes sense that Tall Emu also lets you organise and sort that data in a powerful way.

  • Sort data into smaller groups that can be used for closely tailored marketing, communications, follow-up, service and advice.
  • Range of segmentation variables let you organise your data as broadly or specifically as you want – sort by geography, sales history, customer age/loyalty, engagement level and more.
  • Dynamic segmentation automatically updates lists when new data enters the CRM and matches the list criteria – taking the leg work out of effective segment management.

More Personalised Communications

The key benefit of data segmentation is the ability to tailor your communications with customers based on their unique needs and their relationship to your business.

  • Reward your best customers and foster loyalty by offering augmented service benefits to accounts with a rich history.
  • Boost sales by pitching products customers are likely to buy – focus on sales history and potential cross sells to close more deals.
  • Target your marketing communications to achieve better ROI – you’ll have a better ability to service existing and potential customers in a way that aligns perfectly with their wants and needs.

Acquiring Data

Not only does our system let you effectively segment customer data, but it also makes the data acquisition process easier – you’ll be able to organise your data, and more of it, for better results.

  • Prospect hunter lets you search the map for leads and add them into CRM with one click. Then segment these customers (or have them added to dynamic lists) to provide marketing communications that are tailored closely to their needs or requirements.
  • Web forms collect and update customer data automatically. You can manually assign this data to customer lists or set up automatic assignment for streamlined sales readiness.
  • Historic/existing customer lists can be imported from other business systems or Excel spreadsheets, making it possible to segment existing data for use in current or future campaigns and communications.

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