Email Marketing

Every day, millions of businesses send emails to their clients, subscribers, suppliers, and partners. Providing an impressive ROI when executed correctly, Tall Emu simplifies email marketing so you can maximise efficiency and reap the rewards.

  • List management and segmentation tools let you sort your customers and tailor communications that are more likely to drive sales.
  • Visible campaign history and results tracking lets you report on campaign success and easily follow your interactions with customers.
  • Integrations with Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor offer enhanced data sharing that simplifies campaign distribution and lets you reach the people you want with less leg work.

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List Management

Tall Emu provides list management and data segmentation tools that help you sort your customers into tailored groups that are more likely to respond positively to unique messaging and communications.

  • Quickly and easily generate customer or contact lists that are an exact fit for your business needs.
  • Store and save lists, and turn on automatic sync to update lists dynamically when new data is added to the CRM.
  • Range of segmentation variables let you organise your data as broadly or specifically as you want – sort by geography, sales history, customer age/loyalty, engagement level and more.

Visible Customer History

Every email that you send becomes part of the contact history on a customer record. Viewable in a variety of ways by any authorised user, this interaction history is key in providing personalised communications and making informed marketing decisions that help to drive sales and increase conversion.

Hosted Email Marketing

We integrate with the worlds best email marketing platforms, Campaign Monitor and Mailchimp, to provide seamless transfer of target lists and campaign results.

  • Create and manage your lists in CRM and upload them to Campaign Monitor or Mailchimp with one click.
  • Experience better delivery outcomes and less risk to your mail server with dedicated platforms that are built to perform the way you need.
  • Automatic updating of campaign results lets you easily measure the success of your campaigns and assigns results to records within Tall Emu for easy tracking/visibility.