Campaign Monitor

Develop, deliver and track beautiful, targeted email campaigns with the results updated automatically in CRM.

  • Create targeted lists in CRM to be used in customer specific marketing campaigns that drive sales.
  • Upload lists to Campaign Monitor for seamless use in campaign distribution.
  • Automatically collect campaign results and have them sent to CRM for reporting, decision making and sales enhancement.

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List Management & Sharing

Our integration with Campaign Monitor lets you link directly with CRM to specify marketing targets for your campaigns.

  • Create and manage lists within the CRM to segment customers based on demographics, sales history, lifecycle stage and more.
  • Upload your lists to Campaign Monitor with one click for easy access during direct mail campaigns.
  • Send marketing communications to your segmented customer groups and benefit from more targeted messaging to boost sales.

Campaign Management

Campaign Monitor is built to handle enterprise grade direct mail distribution, so it makes sense to use their infrastructure to ensure your server doesn’t get overwhelmed.

  • Create your targets in CRM to easily segment customer data and communicate with people in a way that makes them more likely to convert.
  • Create your direct mail campaign in Campaign Monitor and upload your list seamlessly for distribution.
  • Have peace of mind that distribution with run smoothly with a system that is built to perform – safer than doing it on your server which may be less powerful.

Track, Report & Share

When you send communications via Campaign Monitor, all the results are automatically transferred back to CRM so you can easily analyse and act accordingly.

  • View customer specific campaign results on the customer record and use these insights to make informed decisions about future marketing and sales.
  • Create powerful reports in CRM using campaign results – can be used to make better business decisions and help your team sell more.

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