Work Orders

Tall Emu’s work orders allow your team to outline and initiate the production process when a product is sold by the sales team.

  • Generate work orders to outline production requirements using production inputs defined by you.
  • Include company resources in combination with production steps to ensure efficient production planning.
  • Total flexibility lets you edit and manage work orders to boost production efficiency.

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Manage Production Processes

Work orders are an efficient and direct way to manage production. Simply set-up your work order based on a predefined Bill of Materials and use the order to speed up your sales and fulfilment process.

  • Transparently outline what needs to be done to manufacture an item from raw material to finished product.
  • Assign a duration to estimate production time and stay on track with order fulfilment and scheduling.
  • Add production notes with special instructions for certain processes or requests.

Total Flexibility

When you produce a work order, Tall Emu makes it easy to edit and update the defined process as you see fit.

  • Edit, remove or add steps to the work order to tailor the production process to the specific needs of the sale.
  • Change the estimated duration, edit the assigned users, remove reliance criteria and even change input or output products to alter the production process, fast-track manufacturing or work to custom orders.
  • Enhance your production planning by specifying which resources the business might use during production – clearly view your production capacity at any time.

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