Inventory Management & CRM

Tall Emu CRM offers inventory and stock controls capabilities that are simple to use and very powerful. Track, purchase, produce and manage with ease.

  • Perfect for small businesses, custom and work-to-order manufacturers.
  • Batch and serial number tracking provide traceability for your products through the entire sales process and give you the visibility you need you stay compliant and stay organised.
  • Product management tools let you create, manage, track and sell your stock efficiently and effectively.
  • Bills of Material, Assemblies and Work Orders simplify production planning and keep supply and demand levels in balance.
  • Integrates to XERO, MYOB and EXO (more many more useful integrations)

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Batch Tracking

Provide visibility and traceability for your products with batch tracking.

  • Assign a batch number to products that were manufactured together and easily manage materials to boost production efficiency.
  • Reduce wastage and minimise administrative effort by tracking batches through the sales process.
  • Follow product movements, painlessly produce recalls and product warnings and stay on top of expiry dates to act confidently through sales and fulfilment.

Product Management

We provide flexibility and simplicity in creating, managing, selling and inventorying your products. Sell confidently with effective inventory tools from Tall Emu.

  • Visualise inventory in real-time, manage and maintain stock levels and track stock across unlimited distribution locations.
  • Generate new products or import existing product lists to save time and resources.
  • Sync products from your accounting system and have stock levels update automatically when you make sales.

Serial Number Tracking

Stay accountable and provide high quality service for high value products with the confidence provided by serial number tracking.

  • Track and trace an individual product as it moves through the order process – from manufacture to sale.
  • Produce more reliable reports, easily manage returns, recalls and warnings, and reduce administrative strain through sales and audit tracking.


To simplify the management of supply and demand, Tall Emu allows for effective production planning.

  • Capture all costs and manufacturing inputs required for assembling a finished product.
  • Ensure customers are always satisfied by easily planning for future production.
  • Reduce wastage by automatically calculating current assembly capacity based on stock on hand and eliminating time-consuming, manual calculations.

Bill of Materials

Boost manufacturing efficiency and easily manage your production processes by creating, editing and updating your Bills of Material.

  • Centralise your production information by creating recipes that outline your key manufacturing processes – input products, output products, resources and steps.
  • Edit BOMs to flexibly manage stock outs and changes to input product pricing.
  • Use BOMs to manage multiple output products generated in a single production process.

Work Orders

Work orders let you define the production processes that should be triggered when a product is sold by the sales team. Streamlining your data entry and information sync, work orders:

  • Outline production requirements using inputs defined by you.
  • Act as a source of truth for your production team during the early stages of order fulfilment.
  • Include company resources in combination with production steps to ensure efficient production planning.

Purchase Orders/Purchasing

Simplify your procurement process and take the administrative stress out of purchasing by easily creating purchase orders and managing the purchase of inventory.

  • Easily create detailed purchase orders to ensure supply always meets demand.
  • Include freight and custom charges to track total procurement costs.
  • Automate data syncing between Tall Emu and your accounting system for seamless transfer of procurement information between the systems.

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