Serial Number Tracking

Serial number tracking enhances product traceability by allocating unique identification numbers to certain products you keep in stock.

  • Sell confidently with easy serial number allocation within sales orders and invoices.
  • Closely track and trace products in your inventory to easily follow the product journey through the sales process.
  • Efficiently manage returns, recalls, warnings, warranties and expiry dates with serial number visibility.

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Track Your Products

Serial number allocation lets you track products, items or materials that you have in your inventory. Involving a unique identification number assigned to particular products, serial number tracking lets you:

  • Track and trace a unique product through its life.
  • Locate products from the product record with ease using serial number movements.
  • Provide better customer service in the case of warnings, recalls and expired product.

Stay in Control, Stay Compliant

Using serial number tracking provides enhanced peace of mind during and after sales, giving you full accountability for your products when it matters.

  • In the case of returns, serial number tracking lets you efficiently locate the unique product that was sold.
  • Recalls and warnings can be managed painlessly with full traceability of product movement at an individual product level.
  • Warranty management is made easy with reliable records that track product movements and warranty status.

Serial Number Allocation

When serial number tracking is enabled, you’re able to allocate stock at the time of sale (sales order or invoice) based on the products’ unique identification number. Helping to efficiently manage your inventory, you can directly select which serial number(s) you wish to sell – perhaps in order to sell the oldest item first.