Purchase Orders/Purchasing

If your business purchases inventory for selling or raw materials for production, Tall Emu’s purchasing capabilities provide the tools you need to support processes from supply to sale.

  • Streamline the procurement process with easy purchase orders to avoid stock outs and maintain supply.
  • Add detailed purchase information, include freight and custom charges to track the entire procurement process.
  • Automate data syncing between Tall Emu and your accounting software for seamless transfer information sharing and reduced administrative effort.

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Easy Purchase Orders

As a result of administrative effort typically required, many organisations opt out of using purchase orders. This decision proves highly inefficient when company purchasing is complex, urgent or unique.

  • Easily create purchase orders to ensure your stock remains at the desired level at all times.
  • Link purchase orders to sales when purchasing stock for specific transactions.
  • Add extra detail to purchase orders by including notes and descriptions.
  • Include freight and custom charges to track total procurement costs.
  • Automate the process and store all your purchasing data in one centralised database.

Request for Quote

Tall Emu lets you generate RFQs that you may send to suppliers prior to purchasing their products or services.

  • Create Requests for Quotes and send them to multiple suppliers to ensure maximum value and cost-effectiveness in procurement.
  • One click conversion from RFQ to purchase order if you accept the quoted amount.

Accounting System Link

Automatically sync purchase orders and purchase information back to your accounting system. Our two-way sync lets you import historic orders from accounts and can be set-up to automatically push new orders back to your accounting software. Ensure your systems are always up-to-date by integrating with your accounting system.