Real and Virtual Product Management in CRM

Tall Emu provides product management tools to help you sell confidently, no matter what stock you may have on hand.

  • Create simple or complex products with ease – and manage them effectively with enhanced features like stock tracking, serialisation, batch allocation and product variations.
  • Quote and sell your products confidently using our online quote generator, and have sales information transferred automatically back to your accounting system.
  • Manufacture products with ease using BOMs, assemblies and work orders.

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Batch & Serialised Products

Tall Emu supports both batch and serial number tracking. Providing enhanced visibility through manufacture and sale, if you need to closely track or trace certain products, assigning batch or serial numbers provides the perfect solution.

  • Easily track and trace product movements through the sales process.
  • Manage recalls, warnings, warranties and expiry dates with batch or item visibility during and after sales.
  • Reduce wastage and administrative strain.
  • Provide higher quality customer service when it matters.

Product Types

We understand that every business sells their products differently. Some have standalone products with no variations that are sold as individual items, some sell manufactured items that are produced using numerous input items – however you sell, we make it easy.

Tall Emu supports:

  • Simple items that you would buy, quote or sell in a standalone format – physical or non-physical.
  • Virtual products for selling the same simple item several ways – e.g. one tyre sold to Toyota drivers at discount and Porsche drivers at a premium.
  • Product variations for grouping like items – e.g. multiple sizes of the same t-shirt, tracked using separate part numbers.
  • Manufactured items that are made using numerous input items defined by a Bill of Materials – e.g. a laptop made using a trackpad, hard-drive, RAM etc.


Product Bundles and Product Options

Manage your products in a way that works for you. Tall Emu supports bundles and options for more complex product creation and selling.

  • Product bundles (or kits) are made up of multiple component products with availability drawn from the stock of the underlying products.
  • Product options are items that can be used to tailor an existing product – e.g. a car (product) can have manual or automatic transmission (options), only one can be selected and this selection determines the price.

Dynamic Stock Control

Give yourself the knowledge you need to sell confidently, manage stock levels and avoid stock shortages. Tall Emu provides a powerful stock control system that can be used for any of your products.

  • Automatic updates to stock levels based on sales or sales commitments gives your team accurate information needed to sell confidently.
  • Up-to-the-minute view of stock hand prompts your team to create backorders if an item is out of stock.
  • Unlimited stock locations supported with easy allocation during sales.
  • Stock transfers and stock adjustments supported for stocktake or returns.

Online Quoting

Tall Emu’s online quoting module gives you the flexibility you need to present your products and services exactly the way you desire.

  • Easily create and sell products, product bundles, product options, virtual products and more.
  • Include images and descriptions on quotes – support your quote with product pictures and detailed product information that can be managed and updated centrally within the CRM.

Accounting System Sync

Tall Emu links with your accounting system to allow seamless sync and painless product management between the systems.

  • Import product lists from your accounting software so you have a head start.
  • Automatically sync product, stock and sales information back to your accounting software so your systems are always up to date.