For painless production planning, Tall Emu provides efficiency enhancing tools to help you manage assemblies.

  • Create, edit and update Bill of Materials on the fly to closely suit your production requirements as they change.
  • Reduce wastage and plan assemblies based on input availability.

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Bill of Materials

We provide the functionality you need to manufacture efficiently. Great for make to order and short run manufacturing, Tall Emu lets you:

  • Create and manage multiple BOM ‘recipes’ that are stored in a central location.
  • Edit BOMs on the fly due to stock difficulties, pricing changes or custom orders.
  • Accurately measure production capacity based on the availability of input materials required for assembly.
  • Schedule production to efficiently procure required inventory for assemblies and produce the desired quantity of the final product.

Production Flexibility

Tall Emu’s manages assemblies to provide production flexibility when it’s needed most. With the ability to edit assemblies and BOMs on the fly, you can tailor production to changing needs.

  • Remove, add or substitute input materials used during assembly.
  • Respond to pricing changes or stock outs easily.
  • Alter the output products associated with a BOM to work with custom orders.
  • Continue producing efficiently by saving time and avoiding delays with the ability to edit assembly inputs anywhere, anytime.

Efficient Production Planning

Tall Emu lets you efficiently manage supply and demand using production planning tools that help you avoid delays, fulfil orders faster, and save time on admin.

  • Automatically determine the required amount of inputs to build a finished product, reducing errors in production calculations.
  • Have full visibility of production costs to indicate true production costs and avoid or identify and major production wastage.
  • Easily manufacture complex products with the ability to produce multi-step BOMs that create one assembly per finished product.
  • Manage product bundles and kits with ease. Allocate stock to ensure there is adequate supply to build the bundle.