Web Forms

Web forms simplify the acquisition process to help you generate leads.

  • Stay organised by automatically adding new visitor information to the CRM.
  • Remove the need for double data entry when you acquire new customers.
  • Track, follow-up or create tasks for prospects so they are more likely to convert.

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Add to Your Site (like WordPress)

Once you’ve designed the perfect form, you’re able to add it to your site with ease.

  • Save valuable time in data collection by inserting the forms on your website or affiliate sites and having user information automatically transferred into your CRM.
  • One-click embed information can be copied straight into your website code or CMS.
  • The forms will use your CSS styling so they suit your website branding and marketing strategy.

Web Form Creation

Web forms automate the collection of information about new leads.

  • Build highly specific web forms using customisable form fields so you only the collect the information you need.
  • Automate the follow-up steps after from completion – assign the leads to marketing or sales lists that trigger further communication, send emails or SMS messages with ease, or easily track the new leads using intuitive data views.