Team Collaboration

A priority for any efficient business should be to provide your team with flexible access to the tools and information they need to stay organised and accelerate sales.

  • Empower your team with highly visual data views.
  • Hold your team accountable to perform their best with reporting and dashboards built-in.
  • Cloud-based team collaboration made easy with Kanban and calendar views for tracking activity.
  • Cloud based sharing and data sync lets your team view, update or create records anywhere, anytime.

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Centralise Your Data

Tall Emu lets you create or update records on the fly and makes them accessible to everyone in your team via the cloud.

  • Create customers, tasks, meetings, calls, companies and more, and they’ll automatically be added to your centralised database.
  • Assign new or existing records to specific team members and they’ll be notified after any changes are made.
  • Auto sync of information provides an up-to-date view of all activity when your team add notes, recordings or attachments to records within the CRM.

Dashboards and Data Views

Our dashboards and data views hold your team accountable, giving everybody clear access to completed activity and activities in the pipeline.

  • Dashboards help you track performance and give you the information you need to make informed business decisions.
  • The Kanban view lets you visualise tasks, projects, opportunities and more in an interactive, all-inclusive way – drag and drop to reassign between employees or move an opportunity through the sales pipeline.
  • Calendar views let you visualise your own, and your teams, activity by day, week, or month for easy scheduling and planning.
  • Easily track team performance on dashboards and reports with advanced filtering options available.

Team Calendar

The calendar views within Tall Emu allow for painless planning and scheduling, no matter how large (or small) your team may be.

  • Select the team members whose calendars you want to view – get full visibility of team availability, helpful for planning team meetings or scheduling group tasks.
  • Sort the calendar by day, week, work week or month to suit your preferences – easily plan short or long term activities and stay organised.
  • Drag and drop functionality allows for easy rescheduling  and calendar management.
  • Shown for calls, meetings and tasks to display team workload and improve transparency of team activity.

Collaborative Project & Task Management

If effective teamwork is important to the success of your business, our task and project management tools offer the collaborative solution you need.

  • Create large scale projects that involve smaller tasks assigned to specific employees to help break down workloads.
  • Assign team members, add notes, attachments and descriptions to tasks and projects so everyone involved has a clear idea of what needs to be done.
  • Visualise your projects on the Kanban or map view to give yourself an all-encompassing look at what is on the company pipeline.
  • Easily track and reassign key activities between team members with ease using drag and drop functionality.

User Security Preferences

Set user or team specific account permissions to provide access to only the required information. Perhaps you don’t want your sales team accessing financial reporting data. Maybe your marketing team should only be able to view (and not edit) sales information.

  • Manage your security preferences with ease, selecting the level of access for any data type within the CRM.
  • Keep your data secure by setting permission restrictions for certain data sets. No longer will you have to worry about giving the wrong people access to sensitive information.
  • Set security permissions at the user level or assign permissions in bulk using team security settings.