Tasks and Project Tracking

Whether your projects involve simple tasks for one team member, or complex long-term collaboration between multiple team members with numerous to-do’s and tasks over time – Tall Emu can help.

  • Stay organised and never let tasks or projects slip through the cracks.
  • Never miss another deadline with transparency and visibility for all tasks and projects on the pipeline.
  • Easily schedule meetings and tasks related to projects.
  • Visualise your current state of play on the Kanban or map view.

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Project Management

Our system makes project management and task organisation easy.

  • Create overarching projects and assign smaller tasks to help breakdown workloads and provide structure.
  • Assign team members, add notes, attachments and descriptions to tasks and projects so everyone involved has a clear idea of what needs to be done.
  • Visualise your projects for easy tracking or reassignment and stay on top of key activity.
  • Use the Kanban or map view to give yourself an all-encompassing look at what’s on your pipeline.

Meeting & Task Management

Meeting and task management is made simple in Tall Emu. Set up standalone tasks or project-related tasks to boost accountability and show everyone what needs to be done.

  • Easily manage due dates and track time spent on tasks to hold your team accountable.
  • Upload attachments or add notes to collaborate painlessly with other team members.
  • Automatically notifications for task (re)assignment let team members know when tasks have been added to their list – don’t let another task fall through the cracks.
  • View meetings and tasks on the calendar for better planning and scheduling.

Kanban & Map Views

Our highly visual views lets you view and track tasks or projects with ease, giving you a clear picture of your current state of play. Sort records by desired criteria, giving you a highly organised overview of all activity.

  • Drag and drop tasks or projects on the Kanban to painlessly reassign them between employees.
  • Drag and drop tasks or projects on the Kanban to move them through project stages.
  • Visualise your project and task information, and do so by location on the map.
  • Perfect for planning project visits and meetings, the map view lets you drag and drop project records to your calendar for easy meeting scheduling.