Tall Emu’s integration with Xero provides two-way sync of key business data to help you stay on top of business activity and improve administrative efficiency.

  • Centralise your data and make it available anywhere, anytime.
  • Automate your data sync to keep all your business systems up-to-date at all times.
  • Improve data security by limiting team member access to accounts.
  • Eliminate double data entry to reduce administrative strain.

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Centralise Your Data

When you integrate Tall Emu CRM with Xero, you’ll be given an all-encompassing view of both new and historic data. Tall Emu acts as a centralised database, importing your historic records from Xero and giving you access to them anywhere, anytime.

  • Contacts, companies and opportunities can be visualised for easy follow-up and relationship building.
  • Sales, quotes, invoices and payments can be viewed and created on the go and automatically transferred back to accounts.
  • Products and items can be efficiently managed with Tall Emu’s stock control, with stock movements and new products updated automatically in Xero.
  • Dashboards and reports can be generated based on historic and current data for easy performance management and activity tracking.

Automate Data Sync

Integrating with your accounting system takes the pain out of recording data. No longer will you have to re-key important business information into multiple systems. Do away with double data entry and set up automatic two-way sync between CRM and Xero.

  • Reduce administrative strain by automating your data sync at desired intervals throughout the day or automatically as the records are created.
  • Convert faster when you have all the information you need, updated across every business platform your company uses.
  • Remove the risk of data errors when inputting data between systems.

Improve Data Security

Integrating with Xero provides security and data safety benefits that shouldn’t be ignored. When you integrate, you won’t need to give multiple team members access to your accounting and financial data.

  • Let the team create and edit data in CRM, and let the integration automatically update accounts, keeping your data secure at all times.
  • Data hosting in Australia, software support in Australia.