If you’re running MYOB Accountright as your accounting system of choice, Tall Emu offers deep integration that helps to streamline business processes – saving you time, money and accelerating sales.

  • Eliminate double data entry and automate syncing to reduce administrative strain.
  • Import existing customers, sales, invoices, payments, products and more.
  • Centralise your data for an accessible view of pertinent business information.
  • Cloud based functionality lets you view and update records anywhere, anytime.

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Eliminate Double Data Entry

Integrating MYOB with Tall Emu eliminates the need for tedious double data entry. Not only will you accelerate sales by giving your team synchronised access to all the information they need, but you’ll save time normally spent on admin, reducing costs to the business.

  • Save valuable time and resources normally spent re-keying crucial business information
  • Remove the risk of data errors when inputting data between systems.
  • Two-way sync can be set to automatically update accounts when records are created or edited in the CRM.
  • Customise your sync schedule or set manual sync depending on your preferences.

Take Your Quoting Online

Built-in online quoting functionality lets you sell more, fast.

  • Conveniently build quotes in-field or at the office.
  • Promptly send quotes to customers via email or SMS.
  • Allow web-quotes to be accepted and paid for online.
  • Reduce admin work by automatically syncing sales data back to MYOB.

Enhanced Inventory and Stock Controls

Tall Emu provides enhanced capability to satisfy even the most complicated stock and inventory requirements.

  • Support for multi-currency stock purchasing.
  • Easy management of batch tracked and serialised inventory.
  • Designed for manufacturing – build items from stock using Tall Emu’s work orders, and automatically update inventory in MYOB.

Safer Data Accessibility

When you integrate with Tall Emu, you’re able to harness the full potential of our cloud-based software. No longer will you need to give key accounting log-in information to various team members throughout your business.

  • Improve safety by letting your team create or update records in CRM – anywhere, anytime – and allow automatic sync back to your accounting system to keep everything up-to-date.
  • Data hosting in Australia, software support in Australia.

Centralise Your Data

Access all your data in one location. Sync customers, contacts, products, quotes, sales, invoice and payment data to give yourself an all-encompassing view of your business data and activity.

  • Cloud-based functionality allows access to key data anywhere, anytime.
  • Encourage more meaningful customer relationships by importing historic data for your team to view during sales and follow-up.
  • Visualise your historic and current data on all-inclusive dashboards and reports for simple performance management and activity tracking.

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